Our Passion is Putting Smiles on people’s faces

Aid Foundation is a non-for-profit, non-governmental and non-partisan organization that improves the general wellness of the human being by encouraging appropriate behavior. We have a deep involvement in communication for social change. Aid foundation’s strength is the people’. In our work, we are sensitive to the people, and their cultures. Our first step is to listen. Our next step is to engage youths, adults, and communities in a dialogue that leads to action. AID foundation encourages communities to confront social and gender norms, stigma and discrimination that contribute to poor health and social living. As a catalyst, AID foundation encourages critical reflection. What critical reflection means is that it is a Process that allow individuals and communities to identify their own needs and formulate their own solutions

A society that maximizes it’s potential and explores its rights to total wellness

Promoting a belief within the society that empowers its people, rather than creating limitations through interactions, awareness, capacity building and referrals.

We cannot do EVERYTHING, but we are positioned to do SOMETHING that will make a DIFFERENCE

  • What you sow you reap
  • Information greatly determines how people respond to everything
  • Prevention is always better than cure
  • We can learn from other people’s mistake

Integrity – Remaining resolute in service
Character – Situation may change but we remain the same
People – source of our strength
Tolerance – We all need space and operate in different capacities
Focus – service as we are strategically positioned to provide
Understanding – We are born achievers if we persist 

Transparency —  Openness , see through, visible to all

Accountability–Proactive Responsiveness to stakeholders 

Equity — Being just and fair

Preference is in the following States where we have worked before; Kaduna, Plateau, Benue, Yobe, Kano, Jigawa, Sokoto, Bauchi, Lagos, Cross Rivers, Gombe, Adamawa, Taraba, , Nassarawa, Katsina, Kebbi, Borno, Zamfara, and the FCT. However, we have the capacity and are ready to work anywhere in Nigeria.

  • HIV&AIDS Prevention & Counseling
  • Reproductive Health campaigns
  • Youth Empowerment & Skills acquisition
  • Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)
  • Basic Human Right Awareness Creation
  • Youth Recreational Centre
  • Promotion of Community Based Organizations for the pursuance of health, educational and communal harmony and struggle against corruption
  • Preventive Healthcare
  • Vocational and Skill development training
  • Health, Educational and environmental education and awareness generation programmes
  • Leadership training